October 25th - The Trial

No ruling at the end of trial.  The judge told us at the end of the 2-day trial that he was still undecided about how to rule.  He asked that both attorneys send him their "Findings and Conclusions" from the court proceedings by Monday, November 5, and he promised he would announce his decision by Friday, November 16th.  We find ourselves waiting yet again.  We hope this extension will help the judge deliver a ruling in our favor.  If not, since the law is on our side we'll appeal to a higher court to get it right.

November 16th - More Waiting

Judge McDade informed the attorneys late this afternoon that he will not be finished with ruling by the end of the day.  We were shocked,  saddened and disappointed once again to receive this news.  He told them he has scheduled a conference call for this Tuesday afternoon (November 20), saying that he will hand down his judgement at that time.  We were initially very frustrated to have the judge put us off a second time, but we remain hopeful that there are important reasons yet unknown and unseen as to why this is unfolding the way it is.  We will continue to pray without ceasing for the Lord to set and keep His watchful hand and eye over this process.  We have faith that He indeed has a plan and a purpose for everything!

November 20th - The Ruling

We lost. Judge McDade ruled outright against us. We are having a hard time believing it is actually true.  Our hearts have sunk deeply upon learning this news tonight.....but not completely. We still need time to process the judge's 48-page order, but in initial review with our attorney we feel very hopeful STILL that we will move forward and win on appeal. We have not lost our conviction that we are in the right!


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